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“He Who Controls Information #2″

“He Who Controls Information #2″

Mark Twain once said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”

It became pretty clear from the two Dave Collins columns this week that if the hit was on Lynch, it’s now most certainly on Videll.  In fact, if you do the math, he devoted 100% of his time to us in some way.  I can’t say that we’ve ever gotten that much attention from anyone. What did we do to deserve this? Besides our firm’s representation of Todd Lynch, the most obvious reason is our recent criticism of The Day and Collins in particular.  Ah, the price of freedom. Yes, it’s safe to say that we’ve both called him out on a bit on Lee Elci’s 94.9 News Now show.  In particular, I took issue with a recent statement from him that he couldn’t get information on crime from the Mayor’s office because the amount of press releases was down.  I think there was some duty of investigation in the old world of journalism that doesn’t seem to exist today and I didn’t buy it what he said. Boy, does that seem funny now.  Clearly, Mr. Collins is quite able to get information from the Mayor’s office when either he or the Mayor decide it’s necessary to squash some of us pesky bugs running around out here having opinions all our own.

I also called him out in a blog last week on this page that was written in response to his recent column on Lynch. We’ve made these statements because we think it’s important to challenge the dissemination and truth of information presented to the public.  The appropriate response to that should be a rise to the challenge rather than a personal attack on the challenger. Collins did rise to the challenge a bit when he responded to our blog with some points about canine deployment, which is a legitimate and appropriate issue for debate.  Ultimately, this sparked debate as such in the blogs and that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately though, he outed himself again when he also shot back with personal attack on Videll on Friday under the framework of a feud in the Republican Party. And, in that public-service-thing he does, thought everyone should know some “facts” about Videll; namely, that his “law license was suspended” because he didn’t pay a tax that funds fraud victims (read: he didn’t want to contribute to a fund for victims of fraud), he moved his office to Waterford (read; we don’t support the City), and wife represents Lynch (read; we’re in it to rip off the city, rather than doing our jobs).  Yup Dave, we are the worst of the worst; a regular couple trying to raise our kids, pay our taxes and run a small business of our own.  Get the word out on us and start the fear mongering and public flogging now lest Videll get any support.  I’m surprised you left out the Buscetto link.  Get that in too next time.

Here are a couple of salient points for the record: (1) perhaps the funniest, is that Videll wasn’t even at the town committee meeting nor has he accepted the nomination; (2) as far as the suspension goes, we didn’t pay our bill on time along with hundreds other lawyers this happens to every year (we were both suspended, by the way).  This not a license suspension but an “administrative suspension” which prevents attorneys from e-filing until the bill is paid; it is not a suspension from the practice law. It sure doesn’t look like Collins spoke to anyone about those facts as he said, or he’d have gotten them right. And yes, sadly and with some regret, we moved our office to Waterford after a brutal murder in the parking lot above ours and an attempted mugging on Videll.  Shame on us.  If we ever decide to follow the Buscetto path to Great Neck Road, that should make headlines. Also, for the record, Synodi, not Videll is responsible for the blog so you got the wrong guy.  And if you want real dirt on us, just ask.

Through their obvious pointed and personal attacks, The Day has called into question their own integrity.  In old days, there would be very little we could do about any of this but today, the “news” is no longer a one man sport.  Oh, they have the edge, no doubt, and we have to play with one hand tied behind our backs.  It’s unlikely that we can win when we are pretty much bringing a pencil to an ink barrel fight.  Since we’ve been the first to call them on it, it’s also likely that our public flogging will continue. But we will keep challenging what we believe it right, which is the public’s access to full and true information so that people can decide for themselves.  After all, it’s a free press.

To be fair, we also invite comments to our site.

G.C. - October 22, 2014 - 8:01 pm

We need more people like Gordon Videll, who stand up for what they believe is the right thing to do. He is what you call a quality person!

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