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Is There TTM (Too Much Technology) In Your House?

Is There TTM (Too Much Technology) In Your House?

We all know that our work and business lives are technology dependent but I recently started paying actual attention to the roles that technology and video games are playing in our home.  We definitely have TTM. Here are some of the warning signs that you, too, may have TTM in your home:

1. Instead of asking for a snack, your kid tells you he needs a “power up”.

2. You start to base your children’s career path on whether they are more adept at the fluid dynamics of  “Where’s My Water?” or the architectural design of “Minecraft.”

3. You have actually found yourself responding to questions of religion and heaven using the concepts of Mario Brothers star coins and numbers of lives; the worst part is that the kids understand what you saying when you finally go this route.

4. There is at least one “device” per family member, including all of your pets.

5. You have enough power cords in your home to wrap around the earth several times.

6. You are willing to spend $4.99 to download PACMAN for old time’s sake.

7. You can follow the storyline of “Wreck It Ralph” the first time you see it.

8. Your 6 year old seems embarrassed if you are the only adult without an iphone and/or tells you that you need to upgrade because Droids are lame.

9. Your house is suddenly goes quiet; you start to enjoy the silence and then realize that it is because everyone is on a screen.

10. Your kid gets upset if he can’t go on-line to take care of a virtual monster or plant for fear that it will die, but has never once considered filling the cat’s crunchie bowl.

11. Your find your daughter self-diagnosing a fall on the playground on Web MD.

12. When you suggest family bowling as an activity, the kids turn on the wii.

13. You get the kids off-line by promising more on-line time tomorrow.

For those of you on April vacation next week with wee ones, enjoy the time.
Turn off the screens and send them outside, the old fashion way!


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